Wahana Islamika: Jurnal Studi Keislaman https://wahanaislamika.ac.id/index.php/WahanaIslamika <p><strong>Wahana Islamika: Jurnal Studi Keislaman</strong>, ISSN: &nbsp;<a href="http://u.lipi.go.id/1511487182">2599-292</a>9; E-ISSN: <a href="http://u.lipi.go.id/1512629676">2614-1124</a>, is a double-blind peer-reviewed published by Al-Husain Islamic College (STAI Al-Husain Magelang), Magelang, Indonesia. The journal publishes research articles, conceptual articles, and reports field studies of Islamic studies. The articles of this journal are published every six months (2 issues per year) in April and October.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> SEKOLAH TINGGI AGAMA ISLAM AL-HUSAIN MAGELANG en-US Wahana Islamika: Jurnal Studi Keislaman 2599-2929 PENGARUH LITERASI FINANCIAL, FINANCIAL ATTITUDE, LOKASI DAN RELIGIUSITAS TERHADAP MINAT MENABUNG DI BANK SYARIAH (Studi Kasus Pada Masyarakat Desa Sirap Juai Kab. Balangan) https://wahanaislamika.ac.id/index.php/WahanaIslamika/article/view/209 <p>The Islamic finance industry is one of the important elements in the implementation of development that plays a role in economic activity. However, the development of Islamic financial institutions must also be followed by the Islamic financial literacy of the community itself. Thus, someone will behave based on the level of knowledge and confidence in making decisions in choosing a financial institution as a financial intermediary, such as using banking services. This study aims to determine the effect of financial literacy, financial attitudes, location and religiosity on interest in saving in Islamic banks in the people of Sirap Juai Village, Kab. Balangan. The variables in this study were financial literacy (X1), financial attitudes (X2), location (X3), religiosity (X4) and interest in saving (Y) as measured by a Likert Scale. The population of this study is the entire community in Sirap Village. The sample in this study was taken randomly, namely the people of Sirap Village, amounting to 77 people. Data collection techniques used are questionnaires and documentation. The data analysis technique used is descriptive data analysis, validity data analysis, and hypothesis testing with the help of SPSS 25.0 for windows program. The results show that: 1) partially financial literacy, financial attitude, location and religiosity variables have a significant effect on interest in saving in Islamic banks. 2) There is a significant effect simultaneously (simultaneously) of the independent variable on the dependent variable with a calculated F value of 81.020 with sig. F = 0.000 (p &lt; 0.05).</p> Zakiyah Zakiyah Abdul Wahab ##submission.copyrightStatement## http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0 2022-10-08 2022-10-08 8 2 124 144 10.5281/wahanaislamika.v8i2.209 PENSYARAHAN IBN ḤAJAR AL-‘ASQALĀNĪ TERHADAP KRITIK MATAN ‘ĀISYAH RA DALAM FATḤ AL-BĀRĪ https://wahanaislamika.ac.id/index.php/WahanaIslamika/article/view/218 <p>&nbsp;‘Aisyah was one of the best sahabah who narrated hadits of the Prophet Pbuh. She also played a very large role in maintaining hadits of the Prophet Pbuh. very large. In fact, she did not hesitate to criticize hadits which he considered not in accordance with his intentions. However, it turns out the attitude of the salaf scholars in understanding this case varies. There are those who support the attitude of Āisyah and some who do not. This paper discusses the influence of matan critic of Āisyah Ra. to understanding Ibn Ḥajar al-‘Asqalānī in book under title <em>Fatḥ Al-Bārī</em>. To find how Ibn Ḥajar Al-‘Asqalānī's method of devotion to matan Āisyah Ra. in the book under title <em>Fatḥ Al-Bārī</em> and how the influence of matan critic of ‘Āisyah Ra. to the sacrifice of Ibn Ḥajar Al-‘Asqalānī in the <em>Fatḥ Al-Bārī</em>. This research is a library research. The sources’s data are primary sources, namely <em>al-Ijābah li 'īrādi mā Istadrakathu ‘Āisyah‘ alā aṣ-Ṣahābah</em> by Badruddin az-Zarkasyi and <em>Fatḥ Al-Bārī</em> by Ibn Ḥajar; and secondary sources is scientific books that are of relevance to Ibn Ḥajar Al-‘Asqalānī's book in the <em>Fatḥ Al-Bārī</em> and critics of matan ‘Āisyah. Based on the results of the study, it was found that; Ibn Ḥajar Al-‘Asqalānī's method of devotion to matan atan Āisyah Ra. in <em>Fatḥ Al-Bārī</em> is the method <em>of al-Jam'u wa at-Taufiq</em>, and <em>at-tarjih</em>. It was found also that it turns out that the critique of Āisyah did not always affect Ibn Ḥajar al-‘Asqalānī's devotion. It was proven that there was criticism ‘Aisyah who was not considered and there was also a compromise with the criticized.</p> Muhammad Abu Nadlir ##submission.copyrightStatement## http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0 2022-10-08 2022-10-08 8 2 145 163 10.5281/wahanaislamika.v8i2.218 PERAN ORANG TUA DALAM MEMOTIVASI BELAJAR AL-QUR’AN PADA ANAK DI TPA SIDOMULYO KOTA PALANGKA RAYA https://wahanaislamika.ac.id/index.php/WahanaIslamika/article/view/217 <p>This study aims to describe the role of parents in motivating children to learn the Qur'an at TPA Sidomulyo and the supporting and inhibiting factors. The research method uses descriptive qualitative methods with data collection techniques using observation, interviews, and documentation. The subjects selected were parents who had children reading the Koran at the TPA using purposive sampling. In the results and discussion found several indicators will be described regarding the role of the parents. This research was conducted in Sidomulyo, Tumbang Tahai Village, Palangka Raya City. The results of this study found the role of parents in motivating their children to learn the Qur'an. The role of parents in motivating learning the Qur'an is influenced by several factors, namely supporting factors, 1) the will of the child, 2) the child's motivation, and 3) the environment, as well as inhibiting factors, 1) laziness, and 2) the busyness of parents.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Satria Nur Rizki Ajahari Ajahari Surawan Surawan ##submission.copyrightStatement## http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0 2022-10-08 2022-10-08 8 2 164 177 10.5281/wahanaislamika.v8i2.217 TEKNO-KONOMI: BROADBAND INTERNET SEBAGAI STRATEGI PERTUMBUHAN INVESTASI DAN PENINGKATAN KESEJAHTERAAN MASYARAKAT INDONESIA https://wahanaislamika.ac.id/index.php/WahanaIslamika/article/view/214 <p>This study will examine the impact of using broadband internet networks on two sectors of economic growth, namely: Foreign Direct Investment, and the social welfare of the people in Indonesia by the provisions of the Human Development Index from the United Nations, by restructuring the economic sector through the implementation of research and development, innovation, and other factors strengthen economic digitization in Indonesia and describe upgrading steps to realize economic digitization in Indonesia. Using qualitative data and qualitative descriptive analysis methods, the researchers analyzed the development, potential, and role of the Internet in the development of the digital economy. The observation and recapitulation system of online investment transactions, online journals, books, papers, and other publications were used to obtain data in this study. As a result of this research, the challenge of economic digitization in Indonesia is the ability of the Indonesian people to adapt to new technologies and the diversity of locality values ​​in Indonesia which are still common. The strategy that can be applied is to develop various infrastructures that support internet connections and strengthen digital economic development governance that maintains the value of the Indonesian locality by involving various parties through collaborative steps. the use of the internet will provide different economic benefits for a country, depending on the level of income of the country. In conclusion, the digital economy in Indonesia must include improving economic processes and investment through technological innovation, encouraging growth through government regulations, and involving new actors in society as the foundation of economic growth and people's welfare.</p> Siti Aminah Caniago Feni Fitriani Putri Rozi Bagaskara Sagita Wijaya ##submission.copyrightStatement## http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0 2022-10-08 2022-10-08 8 2 178 201 10.5281/wahanaislamika.v8i2.214 EKSKLUSIVISME BAHAUDDIN NURSALIM: Radikalisasi dan Ideologisasi Ayat Interagama di Youtube https://wahanaislamika.ac.id/index.php/WahanaIslamika/article/view/216 <p>The development of da'wah in modern times is different from ancient times. At this time the media of da'wah has shifted to the virtual world, an electronic world in computer networks that are widely used as online communication. Youtube is a video sharing website created by 3 former PayPal employees in 2005. The site provides facilities for the public to upload, watch and share videos. Besides being used as a money maker, Youtube is currently also used as a tool to spread religious ideology. One of the cleric figures that has gone viral on the Youtube site is Bahauddin Nursalim, who is more familiarly called Gus Baha. In the last two years, his name has drastically popped into the arena of religious scholarly discourse. His deep knowledge and captivating rhetoric make it easy for him to fill the hearts of the audience. This paper wants to identify the reasoning side of Bahauddin Nursalim's thinking and ideology. Even though he doesn't have a personal channel, the recitation videos he fills in as well as public lectures have been widely spread on the channels of his congregation. Therefore, the primary sources of this mini-research are 5 video lectures of Bahauddin Nursalim. As for theoretically, the author uses the theory of language criticism popularized by Roger Flower and his friends.</p> Fikri Fanani Agus Harianto ##submission.copyrightStatement## http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0 2022-10-08 2022-10-08 8 2 202 221 10.5281/wahanaislamika.v8i2.216 METODE IJTIHAD DALAM KONSTRUKSI HUKUM TAHKIM INDONESIA https://wahanaislamika.ac.id/index.php/WahanaIslamika/article/view/220 <p>Tahkim or arbitration is a form of resolving disputes out of court. Peace efforts such <br>as in tahkim or arbitration aimed at reconciling the warring parties have existed and <br>have long been practiced in the customs and culture of the Indonesian nation. Along<br>with the increasing need for an arbitration peace model to resolve conflicts amid the <br>rapid development of sharia business in Indonesia today, formulating a sharia tahkim <br>model that accommodates local values needs to be considered. rules of fiqh clearly<br>state that al-hukmuyadurruma’aillatihi wujudan waadaman, that the law is enforced <br>according to ilat whether it exists or does not exist, as well as the taghayyural-ahkam <br>bitaghayural amkinat waal-azman rule that the law changes according to changes in <br>place and time. The type of this research is juridical philosophical with maslahah<br>approach. The data sources used are secondary and consist of three legal materials: <br>primary, secondary, and tertiary. The type of this research is juridical philosophical <br>with maslahah approach. The data sources used are secondary data sources consisting <br>of three legal materials, namely primary, secondary and tertiary. The analysis was <br>carried out using a descriptive inductive technique. The results of this study are that <br>several ijtihad methods such as istihsan, maslahah mursalah, and especially the <br>technique of establishing law with 'urf can be used to realize Indonesian Tahkim fiqh. <br>The selection of these three methods, especially the 'urf which is based on benefit and <br>istihsan is very suitable for conditions in Indonesia, considering that a culture of peace <br>rooted in adat is still very strong.</p> Nurul Khikmah Karimatul Khasanah ##submission.copyrightStatement## http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0 2022-10-08 2022-10-08 8 2 222 242 10.5281/wahanaislamika.v8i2.220 ANALISIS MINAT MASYARAKAT MEMILIH PEMBIAYAAN DI PNM MEKAR SYARIAH CABANG KRONJO KABUPATEN TANGERANG MENURUT PERSPEKTIF EKONOMI ISLAM https://wahanaislamika.ac.id/index.php/WahanaIslamika/article/view/212 <p><em>The purpose of this study is to find out the factors that influence public interest in choosing financing at PNM Mekar Syariah, Kronjo Branch, Tangerang Regency, according to the Islamic Economic Perspective. The method used in this research is descriptive qualitative research. The data was obtained using the triangulation technique of data sources, by combining data collection with observation techniques, structured interviews and documentation. The results of this study indicate that the public's view of financing at PNM Mekar Syariah Kronjo Branch, Tangerang Regency is very good and helps people who need capital to run their business. PNM Mekar Syariah Branch Kronjo Tangerang Regency in its financing system uses</em> <em>three contracts used sharia namely wadi'ah contracts, wakalah contracts and murabahah contracts. The factors that influence people's interest in choosing financing at PNM Mekar Syariah Branch Kronjo Tangerang Regency are the need factor, religiosity factor, social class factor and service quality. </em></p> <p><strong><em>Keywords: </em></strong>Interests, community, financing, PNM Mekar Syariah</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Afifah Nazla Sevina Suryani Suryani Ratu Humaemah ##submission.copyrightStatement## http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0 2022-10-12 2022-10-12 8 2 243 252 10.5281/wahanaislamika.v8i2.212